Astra Pru


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Astra Pru as a companion/pet

Pru is a firm favorite with the children, she has a great "off Switch" except when there is something going on, when she has to be in control of all the dogs in the group. She is also great with pups as a role model. A very loving dog wanting to please.


Astra Pru as a working dog

As a working dog Pru is dynamite. Fast, attentive, accurate, quick to learn and well balanced. Her only down side appears to be Dyslexia learning her direction commands, it runs in the Astra Tweed family, but once learned its like an elephant, Never Forgotten.

Pru has great style and grace when on sheep and loads of confidence and therefore power.

Pru is pregnant to our red dog BEN the pups will be due around the 22nd June 2010. Book mark this page and the planed litters, and current litters pages to be first to be notified of the birth.

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