ISDS: 296915

Astra Bee, Tricolour, smooth coated border collie

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JIM as a companion/pet

JIM has never been a pet or companion.  Having been reared on a Farm in Southern Ireland for the sole purpose of becoming a sheepdog.  He has a good nature but is a touch reserved with strangers. He bonded well with me very soon after arrival.


JIM as a working dog

JIM as a working dog is loaded with potential, very stylish, wants to stop on his feet, great turns but can still be pushy when bringing or driving sheep.

Jim has competed in the Irish Nurseries over the winter 2009/10 he is still eligible for the Scottish and Irish Nursery trials for 2010/11.

He will suit an Experienced handler who can get into a dogs brain rather than fight with the brawn. highly suitable for the very discerning person who wants a great dog Hill and trials dog and willing to put in the effort to bring out the potential.


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