Sheepdog "Started" on Sheep/ Ducks/other livestock

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A dog of any age, though usually around 12 mths of age,

this dog has been encouraged to show proper balance,

keeping the stock at the handlers feet no matter which direction the handler is walking/standing.

Whilst the handler is in close proximity this dog will take sheep off the fence, lie down or stand on command, will go left and right according to the body movements of the handler,

will be starting to learn the direction commands and will start to pace behind the sheep.

Will have a good call off the stock on the same side as the handler and will still be working with a long line.



  • Tina

    (Started training 20th July 2010)

  • Astra Tramp

    (Started training 20th July 2010)

  • Astra Zac

    (Started training 20th June 2010)